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Autostick Conversion Kit, Bug '71-'72

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Autostick Conversion Kit, Bug \'71-\'72
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This is an Auto stick to 4 speed Manual conversion kit. This will make your car a 4 speed Manual.

The Volkswagen Autostick transmission, introduced to the Volkswagen model line in 1968, was a good idea and a good product while it was in good operating condition. Unfortunately, it was a power-robbing trans, as all automatic transmissions are, that dramatically affected the already low horsepower air-cooled VW engine in an adverse way. Another negative of the Autostick was maintenance. As the miles racked up and the trans became worn, the cost of upkeep became unacceptable for most. This, coupled with the fact that few mechanics fully understand the unit, makes it difficult to get good maintenance performed. 

Autostick conversions to manual transmissions are not a new thing. But, before now, nobody had assembled an all-inclusive kit in one convenient package. So. Cal. Imports has taken all of the guesswork and headaches of combining all the correct parts so that the conversion will go smoothly. If you are looking for a way out of your Autostick woes, look to So. Cal. Imports to provide you with a complete, comprehensive and affordable conversion kit. 

All of So. Cal. Imports’ Autostick conversion kits come complete and include: Rebuilt 4 speed manual Transaxle(4.12 R&P), flywheel, flywheel seals, clutch pressure plate, clutch disc, clutch alignment tool, clutch bolts and wave washers, gland nut, gland nut washer, throw-out bearing, heavy duty throw-out bearing clips, bowden tube, bowden tube bracket, clutch cable, clutch cable adjusting nut, transmission mounting bolts and studs, transmission mounts, rebuilt pedal assembly, shifter kit, shift rod bushing, special conversion shift coupler kit, tail cone, hockey stick and back-up light switch.

CORE CHARGE INFO: Core transmission must be a manual transmission So Cal Imports will not accept Autostick cores as core returns! Separate core charges apply for Tansmission($250.00), Flywheel($30.00) and Pedal Assembly($30.00). A disposal fee of $25.00 will be charged for any transmission that has not been drained of gear oil prior to being retuned.

Autostick Conversion Kit, Bug '71-'72, Sold as Kit

Product Info Volkswagen Application Info
Year Range
VW Bug
1971 - 1972
VW Bug
1971 - 1972
VW Ghia
1971 - 1972
VW Ghia
1971 - 1972
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